Hair Growth Complex
Hair Growth Complex
Hair Growth Complex
Hair Growth Complex
Hair Growth Complex
Hair Growth Complex

Hair Growth Complex


1 bottle lasts up to 28 Days of usage.

Renata and 20 others love Hair Growth Vitamins

😌 Hair-strengthening formula from root to tip
Activates and nourishes the hair follicle
🙋‍♀️ 1,200+ reviews 
🗓️ HAIRTWO Customers notice reduced hair loss within the first month.

For best results, use 3 months
Not recommended for pregnant women

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Over 7.000+ happy customers

Award winning ingredients

4X more actives than competitors


"It is not so easy to find the perfect hair care. Since countless hairs fall out every day, and the shower is clogged all the time...

150-day Hair Growth Guarantee

Make your hair grow, or get your money back.

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Why Thousands Of People Choose HAIRTWO?

Most supplement brands waste your money.

Our customer survey said that...

In 30 days 92% saw decreased hair loss.

Experience The Luscious Hair Difference

Day 1:

Feeds the scalp with essential macronutrients and vitamins.

Day 30+:

You may see signs of reduced hair loss in the shower, in your comb or on your pillow.

Day 90+:

You will start to see the growth of new hair (baby hair) and your hair will look, feel stronger and healthier.

Formula That Actually Brings Results.

Clinical studies show that it takes at least 45 days to see the reduction in hair loss and 150 days to activate new hair growth.     

  • 89% less hair loss
  • 52% increase in hair volume
  • 38% increase in hair thickness
  • An average of 13,500 new hairs

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Zivile Jonaityte

Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex

Reda Gelūnaitė

What can I say about this product? Perfect, hair loss has been significantly reduced

Valio !!! We are glad you liked it!

Thank you for sharing a photo! â €¸

Irena Anankienė
Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex

The hair has become very healthy and the loss of hair has stopped.

Thank you, Irena,

that you are sharing! Did you completely stop hair loss, or did you only decrease?

Viktorija Kakariekiene
Vitamins and Sampoon

I was pessimistic at first, but after a month of regular use, I am pleased with the results., I have increased the number of fine hairs, the loss of hair has decreased, the hair does not curl so quickly.

Thank you, Victoria!

Indeed, we have quite a few skeptics and pessimists! However, we are delighted to meet your expectations! â €¸


I can feel the "hedgehog" hair regrowth.

Odeta, we are happy to see the results already!

Thank you for sharing! â €¸

Jelena Chomik

Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex

Thank you, Elena for appreciating!

If you have scalp problems, we highly recommend trying out our 2x set that will gently wash your scalp without irritating it.

We also removed potential allergens from the ingredients.

â €¸

Marija Jovaisiene

Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex

Thank you, Mary for appreciating! â €¸

Lina Gaigalaitė

Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex - 3 months (Recommended)

Thanks for your rating!

We are happy to choose us!

Jūratė Tyler

Hair Strengthening Vitamin Complex

Thanks for your rating!

We are happy to choose us!

marija svirskiene
Vit.for hair

I've been using it for a month or so...I'd say it's less drying

We are glad Mary that you have noticed the result so quickly!

Thank you for you with us!

Hair Growth Complex