2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner
2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner
2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner
2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner
2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner
2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner

2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner


The perfect hair trio
Your hair will thank you later

REGROW Shampoo and DETANGLE Conditioner set gives volume and shine to men and women.

✅ Gives natural shine and manageability
✅ Prevents hair from swelling and dryness
✅ Stimulate hair growth
✅ Revitalises and nourishes your hair


"HAIRTWO your products are really effective - they are growing and those antennas have never made me so happy as this time. Thank you for this opportunity to try your products and to see that everything is possible- you just have to find the right products."

Long-term results

Our customer survey showed that 91% of women had thicker, stronger and softer hair.

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150-day Hair Growth Guarantee

Make your hair grow, or get your money back.

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Long-lasting results

Our customer survey said that 91% customers grew thicker, stronger and softer hair.

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What You Need To Know

Customer Reviews

Based on 231 reviews
Trebert jana
Age: 26-35
How long have you been using HAIRTWO?: Three months or more
How often do you use our products?: 1-2 times a week
Hair type: Wavy, Coloured
Hair problems: Damaged, weak hair, Splitting, breaking hair

I think my hair is getting thicker and I get more. I think hehe

Agne Haded
Age: 36-45
How long have you been using HAIRTWO?: Less than a month
How often do you use our products?: 2-4 times a week
Hair type: Straight hair, Coloured
Hair problems: Hair loss
Good products

I just start to use products, but I like already!

Jolanta Zdankevic

2X Hair Strengthening Kit

Thank you, Jolanta, for the rating! We are glad you are with us!

Laima Bajorinaite

I was very sceptical about such products, but after trying them I was really surprised by the results. Since my hair is thin, these products made it 'full'. The volume seems to have increased. And what was very surprising was that there was a significant increase in hair regrowth.

Laima, thanks for this feedback!

Really, we have quite a few skeptics, but we are happy that you still trusted and tried.

And best of all, you get the results you want! â €¸

Monika Gasiūniene

Whether it's a coincidence or not, after using these products my hair has stopped falling out

Monika, did hair loss fully stop??

We are happy with your results! â €¸

Sustainability policy

I have started using your products - shampoo and conditioner. At least my hair stays coarse, and the conditioner - it really just "eats" it, but maybe it needs time to get used to it. But I am curious whether there are plans to focus on sustainability and environmental safety by providing refills in those metal bottles, which are really handy. However, I don't want to buy a new metal one again, but I would love to fill it with your shampoo. Do you have any refill points? Thank you for your reply.

Hello Aušra!

Thank you, for your feedback!

According to your order date, we see that you have received the old conditioner formula.

Yes, we know the problem with the old conditioner that he left the hair for some hair types and the hair was 'eaten'

With the new conditioner (we put in all the sets) we have resolved this problem, we are sure to try it!

We chose aluminum bottles to add the opportunity to refill them, but we regret that we cannot offer it yet.

In the plans, it is definitely and will definitely be!

Greta B.

After washing and serum, hair looks plumper and thicker. The ends of the hair are not splitting and the overall shine and integrity are restored. Initially, the shedding was reduced, but a good month ago the shedding resumed as it was before the shampoo and serum.

Hi Greta,

Thanks for your feedback!

We want to better understand:

Could you clarify how long you already use our products?

After how long did you notice a decreased scrolling at the beginning?

Do you have a lot of stress or a lot of stress that could affect hair loss when you stop your hair loss?

Ilona Bartnykienė

2X Hair Strengthening Kit

About the quality of the products

I used your first version of the conditioner, now I have finished the second bottle of the improved conditioner, but somehow I can't get used to it. It's definitely better, but my hair is still coarse, and the conditioner just eats up a bit of the conditioner. I really want to tame your products because of their very good composition, but washing my hair with them is stressful.

Hi Jurga,

We really remember that the first version of the hair conditioner did not fit, but it is strange that the new one did not fit :(

We will make the effort and do not stop at this formulation, improve the conditioner, and in the future I think we will have a hair mask!

Thanks for your feedback!

Viktorija Kurkianecaitė

At first I didn't feel any effect even my hair looked dry after washing, the first conditioner didn't suit my hair. But when I bought the 2nd batch of products I felt the effect, I really liked the new conditioner both the smell and its benefits for my hair. After using the 2nd batch of shampoo and conditioner your hair is much softer and easier to detangle. I am satisfied with the result and will continue to buy your products, I will also like to try the hair vitamins as I have been struggling with hair loss since 2018. I also note that my hair loss has reduced after using your product, I am looking forward to re-growing the balding areas with time.

Victoria, thank you for the back and that you share your story!

We would highly recommend serum and needle roller to the sophisticated places, to encourage blood circulation!

You can write us privately by mail or on social networks!

2X Hair Growth Set - Shampoo, Conditioner