Promoting hair growth

Many natural products work better than unnatural ones because they do not contain fillers or irritants. And while some unnatural products may seem to work better at first glance, in the long run the harmful chemicals that make your skin clearer or your hair smoother can actually do harm.


Our products are developed on the basis of unparalleled quality and using ingredients of natural origin. We strive to continuously improve our formulas and innovate using only plant-based ingredients. All of the ingredients in our hair growth formulas are carefully selected based on rigorous research review and refined to provide you with natural, non-toxic products.


Research and planning

Market research, product development, collaboration with French industry experts, brand tone, packaging design.

Test phase

First batch testing, packaging durability, visual identity, customer reviews and satisfaction data collection

Product presentation

“Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dynamic marketing, paid search, billboards, dynamic remarketing, B2B , hairdressers, marketplaces, pharmacies, beauty professionals.

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