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HAIRTWO products are surrounded with renowned specialists in France to guarantee technical formulas perfectly matching the expectations of professionals and non-professionals, to support it in its research into precursor ingredients and its innovation projects. Competence, quality and strong customer loyalty is our main goal. Specialists ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

HAIRTWO is online retailer of cosmetics and liquid food supplements who operates in Europe, the United states and Australia. Exclusively online.

We have the most comprehensive know-how in online business and are highly skilled with the experience gained from more than 7 years day-to-day practice. Our ability to consistently deliver value is the gold standard that runs through the core of our company.

Our team is dedicated to provide the customers with the value of the products, customer support and logistics.

Our mission:

  • Top quality most widely-sold hair care products Worldwide
  • 99.9% positive feedback on customer support and high number of returning visitors
  • The best e-commerce sale practices and professional look
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We couldn't find organic, modern haircare products that we could trust. So we created our own.

Various hair problems cause discomfort. When our family faced such a problem, we were looking for something that would suit and help us, but there was nothing on the market that would meet our needs.

We decided to change that.

When she was expecting, she started losing her hair, first partially, then completely, and eventually developed eczema. Neither the most expensive products nor therapeutic shampoos and conditioners against hair loss helped.

So we decided to challenge the world’s top brands and developed products made from natural ingredients.

When developing HAIRTWO, we focused on finding the most effective bioactive ingredients that work in synergy.We contacted more than 200 of France’s most experienced laboratories, spoke to more than 600 specialists, and spent 1,004,452 minutes on the formula alone, which is two years of development.

bioactive and 4 other natural ingredients work synergistically to enhance each other’s effects and replicate the perfect conditions for hair growth.

The result is everything we think hair care should be.

Why choose HAIRTWO?

1. Natural

99% natural ingredients to nourish your hair.

2. Eco-friendly

Aluminium BPA-FREE bottles and eco-packaging. (75% of the aluminium produced is used today.)

3. Backed-up by science

Clinical studies have shown up to 89% reduction in hair loss and up to 52% increase in density within 150 days.

4. Effective

Capilia Longa PPF shows faster hair growth and is a natural alternative to medical Minoxidil.

5. Easy

The four-step hair care kit is designed for everyday use.

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